Package one (30 children set up)

The cost of this package is R60 000. This is a once off payment and gives you enough stock and equipment that you need to open and run a successful school of 30 children.

Package two (15 children set up)

The cost of this package is R45 000.

Do it yourself package

The cost of this packae is R30 000. You will recieve enough tables and chairs for 15 children. With this package you are requried to source and obtain your own equipment but you are supplied with the basic guidelines on opening and running oyur own playgroup, witht the key essential tools of the teaching programme, themed work files and contractg and enrolment forms.

Estimated Income and Expenses:

Half day playgroup

30 kids x R1500

R45 000 Total income for one month

Full day Playgroup

30 kids x R1700

R51 000 total monthly income for one month


  • Food R5000
  • Helper x 2 R2500
  • Water and lights R1500
  • Teacher R4500
  • Craft materials R300
  • Extra R1500
Please note that the above figures are estimates only and the fees charged would be dependent on your area that you reside in. You will need two assisants if you are the sole teacher in the class or one assitant and one teacher.

Please see Payment options if you want to open your own school but need financial assistance.
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